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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Poverty - Poem

The gap is increasing in the social divide...

And millions are homeless and hungry World wide...

The victims of droughts and wars and illness...

In the camps millions of refugees are suffering from sickness... 

So plenty of poor souls and not plenty of who care...

Are doing it hard in the sizable World out there...

The homeless and hungry teenagers living on the streets ...

Are searching in dustbins for something to eat...

Leaders are busy in filling their pockets...

Promoting child labour and pick pockets ...

Lets stand together and eradicate poverty...

So that everyone can enjoy their freedom and liberty...
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  1. Simply Great! Hats off to you Geeta! :). Rhythm and the choice of words.........all is so great......! :) I am sharing on my FB Page.

  2. your thinking is great... u r genius girl

  3. thanks ..u ppl inspired me to write on such social cause :)

  4. indeed the gap between India n Bharat is increasing day by day....:(

    very well penned the bitter truth of society.

  5. Wow , Geeta!
    Great touching and the bitter truth of our society!!

  6. Excellent poetry and more important is what you tried to express...let's see when India will actually become Bharat :D

  7. Very beautiful and touching Geeta...your words reverberate in the depths of the soul...Very Nice :)

  8. geeta, you are multidimensional, so much talented. the choice of your topic is praiseworthy. so beautifully expressed, write more, eager to read more.

  9. Geeta,
    This is a very sad poem, Your imagery is beautiful I felt as if I were walking down the streets in India..

  10. Very touching poem. I like this. I just remembered a certain boy that I usually give food whenever I pass by from my old school. I wonder how is he right now. Wew.

  11. very audible.. thanks for poking people to make them aware of this bitter truth.. Despite knowing this.. all are just spectators..

  12. Geeta, I enjoyed reading this! I wish this poem could be posted on the dollar bill. Still, sadly, people in high places probably wouldn't read it. The funniest thing is often the most poor are vastly rich in ways the wealthy could never imagine.

  13. twitted and stumbled. needs to be read

  14. wonderful,,, A great message that more need to understand and act on...not easy but we should be able to accomplish that... I started following you on Google

  15. Very heart touching and realistic poem in simple way.........
    Best wishes.

  16. Fantastically awesome! Seriously you've put it in such a simple way but with such an impact! I could so feel the shivers down my spine while reading it!

    Keep writing to bring the difference :)

    You've a new follower too :)

    Take care :)

  17. Soul-searching it is. So marvelous! :)

    Once I felt and expressed that you do have the latent talent in the ocean of CREATIVITY. Now it is emerging out on the surface. So glad!

    Hearty thanks for such a gift! :)

  18. *Shocked*
    loads of comments!!!
    Well, all those comments tells d whole story dat u hav magic in ur rhymes* also...

    *(dont take dat seriously .... i was joking *Grinned*)
    :P :D :G :S :A-Z

  19. @Suresh thanks for the compliment :D

    @ Deepak oh I am amazing:D , I dnt know this facts:D this is called amazing fact:O..:D
    hmm *(thats bad:( )*

  20. @ Irfanji ..u liked it :)
    @Simran :) thanks ..I am still learner
    @ Abhishek thanks for the comment
    @Arti ..thanks for ur appreciation :)
    @ sanjeetha Thanks for ur praise!:)
    @Thanks Jessica :)
    Thanks Faye :)
    @BornStoryteller thanks for sharing :)
    @ Amar ..thanks for visiting and following :)
    @Tameka v true ..thanks dear:)
    @ Jim thanks:)
    @Hemant ji Thanks:)
    @ Monu thanks :)
    keep visiting and keep encouraging me!!!

  21. This is really good and I'm glad that there are so many people who actually care about what happens in the world. To share my views, please check out

  22. Hi,

    This is really so heart breaking, very true words. Loved every bit of it, thanks for sharing it out here. I hope someday we would overcome this unscrupulous poverty and wipe it off the country.

    Aakash Kokz