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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Success - Believe in Yourself

try try  till you succeed ....don't wait

life is not that short to fret..

take things as they come...

take them in a stride and solve your problem...

never be anxious or sad...

try to do better at other end...

success in life depends upon making...

Opportunity always looks bigger going than coming...

have faith and work hard...

nothing going to stop you , listen to the voice of my heart :)

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  1. your are right Geeta singh ji... try try try .. success milti hai fir pakka

  2. Very Inspirational! I will try to follow for the whole life, coz you are saying this! I said, try because, I become upset easily!

    But will get all Success, If I follow your words, Geeta!

    Love you! :)

  3. thanks Gagan ...remember the tips..all the best for ur future :)

    Mohinee happy that its inspired u so much u too:)

  4. Wow!
    In few lines you said everything!
    I loved that rhyming :)

  5. Yeah, listening to your heart!
    Trying harder and harder to push my career cart!

    Highly motivating!

    Three precious pearls here you are offering.
    The first one can touch any heart the most.
    Many have already suffered, many more are still suffering.
    Choosing the best is confusing so I liked all of them the most.

    Wish you greater achievements in the days to come!

  6. Thanks I m on cloud nine :D

  7. very motivating, and the picture at the top itself says a lot.... :))

    Koshish Karne Walon Ki Her Nahin Hoti
    Lahron Se Dar Kar Nauka Par Nahin Hoti....
    Kuch Kiye Bina Hi Jay-jaykar Nahin Hoti
    Koshis Karne Walon Ki Her Nahin Hoti.....