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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Forcible Violation

image courtesy india today

Forcible violation /Rape is a word, I neva had the guts to say it upfront
but now you can find it on every road
Rape is a disease, to be eradicated
lets's first eradicate those who are causing this disease
we call them rapist
hang their soul, make them feel the pain
this disease is spreading very fast
removal is the only solution or
it will cut us in parts
We should not wait
don't leave it on our fate
stand against this spreadable disease
let's stand hand in hand and
throw these rusted soul in the hell
remove their soul that is already dead
it is the demand of our society
let us throw out this disease out of our society
throw the source of this disease out in the hell
let us take a pledge and survive in fresh air , disease free life.
A girl, a woman, a sister, a mother is the base of life
don't kill us, let us live proudly and can fly freely .........
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