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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Poem On Holi

Two colours three colours 
pls don't mix these lovely colours 
let me enjoy each colour seperately 
as each colour is so pretty
pink on cheeks 
green on hands 
red on chin
yellow on feet 
white on soul
looking so beautiful
colour me more
now the colour I want is 
the colour of love
colour of peace 
colour of care
colour of trust 
colour me like that it stays forever
never fade and never disappear :)

dedicated to all my relatives and friends :)
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  1. All The colors of love, bliss, peace and care for dear Geeta. Loved your poem. :) and blog too...:)

  2. Mohinee thanks for such a lovely comment ,,, :)

  3. Wow!!
    Lovely and colourful poem like you :D
    May the colour of happiness ,peace and love stays forever in your family and never get fade :)

    Nice one Geeta :)
    Holi haiiii

  4. Thanks simran..same to u dear...holiiiiiiiii haiii :P

  5. ab main kya kahu yaar... aap ne koi field nahi are fantastic in every field....i wish Go ahead and ahead.....keep it poem ne tan mera dil moh leya

  6. Wow!
    What wonderful wishes!
    If only I were there to celebrate HOLI with all of you!
    Anyway,wish you and you all a very very HAPPY HOLI!!

  7. Hello Didi,The poem is really nice...especially the line which says about SOUL...!!!
    Kaamna hai ki Fagun ka ye rangeen Utsav..aapke jeevan main dher saari khushiyan laaye.Holi ki Hardik shubkaamnaayein.!!

  8. Great poem, loved every word of it!!
    Wish you and family a Happy Holi:)

  9. Thanks Megha Sharma:)
    Thanks Arti :)
    Thanks Varshu :)
    Thanks Sir , I am obliged :)

  10. cute description on areas where colors wud look more colorful :))