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Friday, March 4, 2011


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Changes make a big difference in your life,

this is my first poem, Hope all of you 'll like.

changing a doctor , can help to get well soon,

changing a leader , can help your country run smooth,

changing a lawyer , can save your money ,

changing profession, can change your earning,

changing habits , can improve your personality,

changing a place , can make you feel better,

changing toothpaste , can make your teeth shine, :D

changing beauty soap , can make your skin bright,

changing shampoo , can stop you hair fall ,

and changing your thoughts , can make you more positive.

changes for good reason, can change your life
if you look forward for positive change :)

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  1. Hmmmm...You made me smile in your post! Your change take is inspiring...all going to give a better life and personality for us!

    You were asking in my post if Amity is my name or school name? Nope...Amity is my pen name and I am loving it, will never change my pen name...:))

    Is Geeta a beautiful lady or a young school boy?

    All the best Geeta!!!

  2. Thanks Amity :D I was just asking because I know Amity school ..hmm btw nice name ..and thanksss for your comment:)

    thanks prats:)

  3. Interesting post. Covered almost all aspects of life that we can change. On a lighter note, you could have added for those still in quest of the elusive Blog-a-ton shield

    and changing your writing style , can make you win Blog-a-ton

  4. I have added the same html code , you mentioned there :) hmm thanks alot for your comment:) thats my 1st poem :D so will definitely "change " :D

  5. Geeta, THat was a nice post. Very much lives upto the topic, CHANGE

  6. So a lot of change you purpose.Great thoughts.All the best

  7. Geeta,
    YOu know what I liked the best in your post? The smiley at the end of 'changing toothpaste , can make your teeth shine'!

    I love using smileys and I think this is the first poem I have read which had a smiley in it!!

    It's cute!

    Thanx for bringing in that change in poetry!

    Best of luck for the contest!

  8. I love this poem geeta.. change at its best.. Smiles, mine is what most people feel in their heart but no one acts to achieve it, Change

    Someone is Special

  9. Thanks Amropali ..liked ur post too ..thanks for labeling my post as cuteee:)

    thanks someone is spl :)

  10. hmmm... a nice set of writeup and that smily was a killer!

    A lot many changes indeed!

  11. Thanks Aashish :)
    Thanks Lost in thoughts:)

  12. A Welcome-Change from the long posts (Mine too is long :-))
    ATB for BAT.

  13. aativas :)
    hmm thanks pavil:) is it let me check:D

  14. Changes are inevitable ..They will definately come to our ways , but it depends upon us how we accept those changes ..

    Good Luck!

  15. waah :) such simple things and all so meaningful. And am so glad that you did not forget the change for 'positive'. Really liked it.

    between, what is the Taj Mahal doing there?

  16. Thanks Simran:-)
    Thanks kshitij :-)
    it's our vision how we look at things ..what change you want bright or dark :D

  17. It's funny and delivers well the meaning of change.Nicely done.


  18. Such positive messages through such a cute poem is really worth reading and accepting as a guide to adopt changes for better days ahead in this change-loving changeable world!
    So inspiring!!