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Friday, April 22, 2011

A Surprise and Awesome Gift

Hello, blogger friend Suresh Shrestha!
It shows me how very thoughtful you are! 
It's the biggest award from a true friend, charismatic, Jovial and a very  versatile blogger !!
He's a stunningly creative mind and a wonderful writer.I like your blogs that are :

I'm quick to express thanks whenever a good thing comes into my life. 
Somehow, there's always something to be thankful about! 
Your Stylish Blogger Award gift is really Winsome, Great , Amazing!! 

I am completely overwhelmed thats you have nominated my three blogs ^_^
I am supposed to nominate some other new blogs which I will list at the bottom after my 7 facts. So make sure to check them out!!


As one of the terms or  rules, I have tried to share 
SEVEN RANDOM FACTS about myself. 
Here you are:

1. Fav colour is Pink- It's is the color of universal love. 

2. I am always fascinated by other cultures , people's creativity ...I'm always fascinated how certain things come together when I'm least expecting it.

3. FRIENDSHIP is like a tree. It is not MEASURED on how TALL it could be, but is on how DEEP the ROOTS have grown.

4.  I am an optimistic person by nature. 

5. I believe that whoever said “Live and let live

6. I am shy sometimes so avoid that much public talk hmmm

7. Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.” so Friends keep smiling!!!

I am so thrilled and grateful to have been nominated to be in the best for the Stylish Blogger Award ..


Dear friends, just a funny game to grow friendship, you see!
Here are you bloggers with your blogs that have charmed me!!

My Favorite Bloggers:-

Dr. Pratibha Singh 

Gagan Masoun

Mohini Puranik


Simran Kaur

Joshi Daniel

Sourav Pandey

Deepak Srivastava -Manish Verma

Saket Dabi

Sayed Khadri




Now let me offer you all CONGRATULATIONS and request you to have a post with the award presented above and take some pains in writing 7 random facts about yourselves and pass the AWARD to other 15 bloggers who you believe deserve it.
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  1. Great choices and congratulations I am now following you

  2. Nice answers..and congratulations.

  3. No doubt whatsoever that You are a stylish blogger.. congrats! & I'm very happy that my blog is in the list that charmed you.. :)
    Now I know 7 cute secrets of yours :D:D
    Will definitely list mine.. :)

  4. Hi!First time visiting your blog so this was a nice introduction! Congratulations on your award!

  5. I love the Stylish Picture!! :)
    It looks really stylish indeed ..
    Thanks geeta for considering me a part of this :)

  6. Thank you for accepting my gift.Loud cheers and Applause :)

  7. hmmmm..
    ekdum dhinchak post hai!!
    i like ur 6th point... shy n introvert
    (dats why i havnt seen u online on fb..) :P

    thanx for featuring ma Name in ur post..

  8. Thanks for your valuable comment:)

  9. u know geeta , i am planning to make a notebook in which i will count parties due on you, when i get chance to come delhi.........chodungi nahi.

    Oh your answers are so thoughtful and deep, i liked most ......all of them....hehe.

    OMG....mera bhi naam........itne sare awards.......I never will be so beautiful.....everyday.....from the day i met you Geeeetuuuuuuuu. my swwwwwwwheeeeeeeeetu sis! :)

  10. I love you a lot.....i m stealing your pink smily! :)

  11. Wow sis, can't thank you anymore for this.Your attitude towards life will take you a long way and I will be the first person to congratulate you.Keep blogging like this and believe me nothing can really stop you .

  12. :) thankss Mohineee so sweet of u ! love u too:)
    :) thanks you knw me better than I knw myself:D Prats

  13. Ohhhh! Thank you, Geeta! Thanks a lot for making the way CLEAR for me to re-appear with a new comment! :))))
    Really, that was a bizarre one, though you understood the fairness. So great of you! You do have the talent to read CREATIVITY, no doubt. But, please be bold enough to ask openly if any doubt, at least to me! :)

    I believe you know well:


    Your well-chosen words have their own flavor with visual creativity. I can't help LAUDING you with CONGRATULATIONS!
    Please accept it, will you? :)

  14. yes sure :) Accepted !!!
    Thanks for such a lovely comment ..:)

  15. Amazing answers and It's great to know about you GeetS..Congrats for awardsss!!!! you really deserves them!

    Amazed to see my blog in the list :P
    Thank you so much for such a great honor my magical sis..Lot's of love and wishes to you..Happy Blogging..Keep smilinggg